Toronto CCM Centre’s Building Fund

中心通訊 (2017年6月號)


CCM Center provides “Social Services for All” in GTA to serve the needy people, and practices our mission of “Bring the church to the people, and bring the people back to the church”.
By the end of April 2017 due to expiration of the lease, Toronto CCM Center will have to move out of the Agincourt Mall after 10 years of faithful services in this area. We are planning to move to a total of about 6,000 sq ft of facilities on the third floor of Scarborough Oriental Centre. We need to raise $ 1.2 million for the purchase of property, the estimated renovation and relocation costs. An owned urban mission center allows us to continue to reach out and care for the numerous urbanites in their predicament. Through the process of caring and serving them, so that Christ’s love and light extend to every dark corner.
We sincerely invite you to support us in this relocation project. By pledging and assisting us to meet our target for our building fund, CCM centre will follow God’s vision in His grace, and complete God’s plan in His will so that His name can be glorified!

Give to build our CCM family, Love to serve our community



2017年4月底因租約期滿, 多倫多中信中心便要搬離已經服務了十年的士嘉堡愛靜閣商場, 計劃搬往士嘉堡東方廣場三樓一個約六千呎的地方。連購置物業、預計裝修和搬遷費在內,將要籌募一百二十萬元。一個自置的城市宣教中心可以使我們能繼續接觸及關顧無數在困境中的城市人,藉著關愛與服侍,讓基督的仁愛和光明延伸到每一個黑暗的角落。

現誠意邀請閣下支持多倫多中信中心,協助我們為新會址籌募基金, 使中心在神的異象和恩典中,按衪的心意發展,讓上帝的計劃得以完成,衪的名得以高舉!